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Below is basic information about individual facilities in our database and selected sources we've drawn on to support the analysis.  To navigate to other sites, use the map on the main dashboard.

Company logo

BlueWind Sears I

BlueWind Technology

Pensacola , FL, USA

30.5055556, -87.2523928

The Big Green Machine Site ID: 325

Additional Information:

Sector: Wind

Activity: Manufacturing

Product: Nacelle

Project Announcement Date: 8/1/2019

Target for Starting Production: 2019

Date Commercial Production Started: 12/23/2019

Announced Post Inflation Reduction Act: No

Target Annual Production: 624 Nacelles Per Year

Current Annual Production: 624 Nacelles Per Year

Operating Status: Operating

Current Jobs: 127

Congressional District: FL1

Government Subsidies:

We currently have no government subsidies tracked for this site.

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